Hello, guys! It is time for another wonderful post on wonderful life. Today, I will be posting about Dinosaurs. I have start liking Dinosaurs ever since I watch Jurassic Park years ago. I am amaze of these creatures that live millions of years before us. Dinosaurs may have extinct but they are still loved by many people. So,  let me show you guys on some of the Dinosaur species that you should know.Firstly, I want to give credits to the site that have this wonderful image and information. No copyright intend.

Let’s go!!
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Hello, everyone! It is time for another wonderful post on wonderful life. I have been very busy for the past few weeks and I am running out of ideas for this blog. But, luckily I found an interesting post on the internet that suit my blog. It is called top 10 most beautiful birds. When I read the post, I am amazed by how beautiful the birds are and decided to post it on my blog. Please note that I want to give credit to  http://themysteriousworld.com/most-beautiful-birds-in-the-world/ for this wonderful photo and great information on these birds.No copyrights intend.

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Hello, guys! I am back for another wonderful post on wonderful life. Today I am going to share about water scarcity. Have you ever heard of water scarcity? According to Wikipedia,  water scarcity is the lack of sufficient available water resources to meet water needs within a region. It affects every continent and around 2.8 billion people around the world at least one month out of every year. More than 1.2 billion people lack access to clean drinking water. Based on the words above, we should be grateful for having a sufficient water supply in our country.
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Hello, everyone! I am back for another wonderful post on wonderful life. This time, I will be putting another poem collection that I have read from other books. If you have not read my last post on poems, then you can read it here. I personally enjoy reading poems as it makes me relaxing and I hope you enjoy it too. Please leave a like if you really enjoy today’s post.

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Hello guys! I have been very busy for the past few days as my country is celebrating its national day. As a Malaysian, I am very proud of my country and I already post about some of the place that you can visit at Malaysia here. Since my country is celebrating its national day, I want to dedicate this post for my country. It is about the things that you probably didn’t know about Malaysia. Not only foreigners, but even Malaysian does not know about this. So, I really hope that you enjoy it. Read More »


Hello, guys! I am back for another wonderful post. This time, I will be sharing some of the ways to save the environment. As you all should know, my blog is about all the wonderful things in life and the environment is probably the best part of our life. But, due to our action, the environment is getting contaminated. Pollutions have become a major these days and we must put an end to it. Even though we can do only little things but these things might save the world if we work together. That is why I create an infographic on some of the ways to protect the environment from getting worst. I am still new to this graphic designing so it might not look good enough. I also have made an infographic before in this post. Your comments are valuable to me, so do not hesitate to leave any feedback.

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Hello, guys! Another wonderful day for another great post. I have recently shared a post about inspirational words and I come to like it. So, today I will be posting about popular quotes that are found on the internet which is kinda similar to inspirational words before. This is the first time that I will post using my own design of featured image and infographic. Although it looks kinda simple but I put a lot of hard work into it. I really hope that you guys enjoy it and give a like.

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