Malaysian food

Hello to all readers. I am creating this site to share all the wondeful things in this world and i really hope that you will like it. First of all, i am from Malaysia and i want to apologise if there is any mistake in grammar or spelling in my post. If you did see any mistake, let me know and i will correct it.

The first post is about malaysian food where i come from. There are a lot of delicious food from my country that is loved by malaysian people and tourist from all the world

1. Nasi lemak

A very popular dish and you can find it at any place. Usually malaysian eat this dish for breakfast but they also eat it in the evening. Loved for its spicy flavour, it is a popular food for the malays and also the chinese. Served with boiled egg or fried egg with ‘sambal’, just thinking about it will make your mouth water. If you want to know more about this food, then google it and you will many result on this dish.

2. Roti canai(flat bread)

Another popular breakfast food in malaysia. It is  an indian food and loved  by other races like malay and chinese. Served with indian curry, the taste of this food is absolutely amazing. Not only that, you can see the cooker twisting the bread to make this dish. It is very entertaining and popular in this country. Many people espcially kids trying to copy this by twisting cloth. Google ‘roti canai’ and you will found many restaurant that offer this food.


Satay is a marinated piece of chicken and meat on bamboo skewer that is grilled to perfection. Served with cucumber chunk and raw onion, it is one of the top food in malaysia. There will be a dipping peanut sauce that is eaten with it. It is very delicious and i highly recommend it. For me, a restaurant named satay kajang haji samuri located at kajang selangor is the best. There a lot of other franchise at other place if you want.

That is all for this post. I will update it with picture of the food next time. I will also add more food for other post.


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