Hello, guys! It is time for another wonderful post on wonderful life. Today, I will be posting about Dinosaurs. I have start liking Dinosaurs ever since I watch Jurassic Park years ago. I am amaze of these creatures that live millions of years before us. Dinosaurs may have extinct but they are still loved by many people. So,  let me show you guys on some of the Dinosaur species that you should know.Firstly, I want to give credits to the site that have this wonderful image and information. No copyright intend.

Let’s go!!
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Hello, everyone! It is time for another wonderful post on wonderful life. I have been very busy for the past few weeks and I am running out of ideas for this blog. But, luckily I found an interesting post on the internet that suit my blog. It is called top 10 most beautiful birds. When I read the post, I am amazed by how beautiful the birds are and decided to post it on my blog. Please note that I want to give credit to  http://themysteriousworld.com/most-beautiful-birds-in-the-world/ for this wonderful photo and great information on these birds.No copyrights intend.

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Hello guys!  Once again I will post some of the world’s amazing life. Today, I am going to post about sharks. Sharks are one of the world’s top predator and highly dangerous. But you cannot deny the fact that sharks are one of the most amazing sea creatures in the world. When you hear about sharks, the first species that come to your mind are the Great White Shark and the Bull Shark. But, there are lots of other sharks that live in the ocean and some of them are just astonishing.So, this post is all about the shark species that you may not know.

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Top 5 rare animals

Hello to all readers. As you all may know, this site is about all the wonderful things in this world and animals are considered as one of them. Animals are a beautiful creature that lived in this world for thousand of years. Unfortunately, due to the human beings. This world is not the same as before. Pollution have caused the animal to extinct and soon we may not be able to see this beautiful creature again.  

Here are the list of the top 5 endangere animals species.

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