Hello guys! Today i will add another wonderful post. Today it will be about places. there are a lot of places that are interesting and some may not in this post. If you have any recommendation, please leave a comment and i will add it on another post.

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Poem compilation

Hello guys. Today, i will share another wonderful things in this world and that is poem. Poems are great way to express your feelings and emotions through writing and that is why it is considered as a wonderful things. The poems here are the one that i learn from and it really touch my heart and i hope that it will touch your heart too.

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Top 5 rare animals

Hello to all readers. As you all may know, this site is about all the wonderful things in this world and animals are considered as one of them. Animals are a beautiful creature that lived in this world for thousand of years. Unfortunately, due to the human beings. This world is not the same as before. Pollution have caused the animal to extinct and soon we may not be able to see this beautiful creature again.  

Here are the list of the top 5 endangere animals species.

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Malaysian food

Hello to all readers. I am creating this site to share all the wondeful things in this world and i really hope that you will like it. First of all, i am from Malaysia and i want to apologise if there is any mistake in grammar or spelling in my post. If you did see any mistake, let me know and i will correct it.

The first post is about malaysian food where i come from. There are a lot of delicious food from my country that is loved by malaysian people and tourist from all the world

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